About Us

Ahaan Healthcare Pvt Ltd. (AHPL) is a fast growing, WHO GMP certified, global pharmaceutical company. We manufacture a wide assortment of pharmaceutical products of consistent high quality and compliant with the most stringent as well demanding international standards. With excellent manufacturing operations, robust marketing & distribution and strategic networks in across the world, AHPL has become one of the leading players in the pharmaceutical industry.

Since the company’s inception, “Delivering Quality” has always been our prime motto. Some of our quality and safety practices are as follows -

  • Provide best quality medicines
  • Continuously evaluate our systems in order to maintain high quality standards
  • Accurate and timely monitoring of the safety profiles and marketed products
  • Manufacturing products compliant with all applicable laws

We strongly lay emphasis on supply of good quality yet affordable medicines. This unwavering commitment has earned us accolades from both the domestic as well as the international market. And thus, steadily we have become a trusted name amongst the healthcare professionals as well as our customers.

Backed with years of experience in the field of pharmaceuticals and related areas, AHPL professionals are committed to provide world-class products around the globe. We are determined to continually research, develop, manufacture and market specialized biological, pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. Our scientific expertise, in-house talent and manufacturing facilities, complement the latest technologies to bring forth the development of novel products.

Our products are already available in various parts of the country and we are constantly growing our reach in India as well as in the global platform. Get in touch with us to know more.